Living in Tune with Mother Earth (Innbundet)

Integral terapi


Grethe Nordhelle og Ujagar Singh Sakhi

Norwegian title: Å leve i pakt med Moder jord
Norwegian subtitle: Integral terapi
Author: og
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2021
Pages: 240
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202676209
Kategori: Self Help
Fag: Psykologi, Sosialfag
Overview Å leve i pakt med Moder jord

Humans are part of nature. We are utterly reliant on it. If we distance ourselves too much from its terms and premises, we create an imbalance – in nature, in society and, not least, in ourselves as individuals.

Living in Tune with Mother Earth aims to serve as a supplement – and counterweight – to knowledge creation in our specialised society. The more fragmented society becomes, the greater the need for more people to be concerned about integral thinking and knowledge. Integral knowledge creation is a scarce commodity in modern society, the author claims. This is where integral therapy can make a vital contribution, by looking at the process of human development in its entirety – physical, psychological, environmental and spiritual.

The book aims to raise people’s awareness of the genuine need to understand themselves as individuals, in relation to themselves, nature, the family, society and the entire universe. It’s about creating and maintaining a natural balance between the internal and the environment. How can we function in an integral way – physically, psychologically and spiritually – in relation to our immediate environment and wider society? And what hinders us at all these levels? The knowledge offered in this book can be used to both repair and protect.

Living in Tune with Mother Earth is anchored in a value system that views humans as having a particular place in the natural order, just as plants and animals do. Because humans have the potential for far-reaching development – not just in positive but also negative directions – we are at risk of becoming remote from our positive, harmonious rhythm, growth and development. If we breach the principles of nature in the way we live, we risk creating physical and psychological discord. The one thing that can bring us peace, within us, between us, in relation to elements in nature with which we come into contact and in wider society, is an integral understanding of what it means to be human – and an integral practice in our interaction with our environment.

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