The Get-to-Know-Each-Other Book (Innbundet)

Over 300 questions to kick start the good conversation


Kjersti Kvam

Norwegian title: Bedre kjent-boka
Norwegian subtitle: Over 300 spørsmål som kickstarter den gode samtalen
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2021
Pages: 112
Illustrator: Kaasa, Stine
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202717445
Kategori: Self Help
Overview Bedre kjent-boka

In The Get-to-Know-Each-Other Book you get a toolbox full of good questions and "icebreakers" that you can use in your everyday life. It will help you to get to know both yourself and the people around you in an informal and fun way. The book contains 300 questions that will kick-start the good conversation, divided into chapters on different situations you might find yourself in. Some of them can overlap and be divided into smaller categories in a dynamic way.

To feel a connection with other people is important in life. From the time we are born, we attach to parents, siblings and other family. After that we attach to friends, partners and colleagues - and in many situations also get to know people you have never before met. But how well do you know the people around you? Who are the persons you are surrounded by? And how much do you really know about them?

An honest response: Not much.
Families gather around the dinner table with their phones on, before leaving for different activities. Friend topics like love and football are looping. People who have been working together for years knows nothing about their close colleagues, apart from some of them being extremely annoying in meetings. And when we meet new people, we tend to talk about the weather.

The same goes for weddings, religious ceremonies and birthdays, where several generations meet in solemn expectation, in their nicest clothes and new shoes. We might not have seen these people in a long time, you might feel timid, and a bit left out standing there in your finest. At that time, it can be hard to start a conversation.

People have different personalities, needs and ways to communicate. But why is it so hard to move from awkwardness to an interesting and stimulating conversation?

The Get-to-Know-Each-Other Book is your friend in need when you want to get in the swing of things socially. It will create laughter, recognition, discussion, and new knowledge. And the reward will be that good feeling of togetherness.

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Author Kjersti Kvam

Kjersti Kvam is a journalist and author, renowned for being a wizard in social settings and engaging conversations. For the time being she also works as a host for the psychological conversation podcast called Summa Summarum.

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