The Rock Crypt (Innbundet)

Sylvester Litlafosse’s Memories of the Downfall of Sudrøyi


Kaj Skagen

Norwegian title: Bergakrypten
Norwegian subtitle: Sylvester Litlafosses erindringer om Sudrøyis undergang
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2023
Pages: 432
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202804138
Kategori: Literature and Fiction
Overview Bergakrypten

In 2033, in a broken-down world, Sylvester Litlafosse writes his chronicle. He is located in a thinly populated village in western Norway, where the few who survive are keeping something like a tiny community alive. Through his writing, Sylvester unravels the dramatic story that led him there.

A central figure in the story is Sylvester’s unorthodox master Åskell Suparman, an occultist, charlatan and saint, who wants to burn all of Europe so a new world can raise from its ruins.

Through his work with the chronicle, Sylvester must travel beyond the small village to see how the rest of the world fares. The journeys are not without dangers. Soon travellers appear in the village, travellers without noble motifs, and they set in motion a chain of events which will have big consequences.

The Rock Crypt is a fantastic novel in all senses of the word, here the novel of ideas meets the thriller, and realism meets fantasy.

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Reviews Bergakrypten

Et overflødighetshorn av magisk realisme og fortellerglede 23.09.2023

«Dette er Kaj Skagens kanskje mest ambisiøse og balstyrige roman noensinne.»

«Ifølge ham selv har han brukt 36 år på å skrive Bergakrypten. Resultatet er forbløffende.»

[...] et overflødighetshorn av fortellerglede og magisk realisme»

«Det er ikke langt mellom drammene i dette symposiet [...]»

Jan Nyberg, Bergens Tidende

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Author Kaj Skagen

Kaj Skagen made his debut in 1971 with the poetry collection Street poems. Since then, he has written numerous novels and non-fiction books, such as the essay collection Bazarov's children (1983), which sparked an extensive literary debate.

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