The Lives of Others (Innbundet)


Ida Fjeldbraaten

Norwegian title: De andres liv
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2024
Pages: 160
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: De andres liv
ISBN/EAN: 9788202791810
Kategori: Literature and Fiction
Overview De andres liv

The Lives of Others is a merciless description of a society where everyone wants to be seen and heard, and where people will do anything to stand out from the crowd.

A young woman previously worked on a reality show that ended up never airing. She isolates herself at home while scrolling endlessly thought the anti-social corners of the web. While the bills pile up and social security makes their demands, the protagonist escapes into other people’s lives. But what is real, and what is staged? What was it that went so terribly wrong during the recording of the reality show, set in an old asylum, that filmed five contestants left to their own devices?

The Lives of Others is a poignant satire about the total domination of the reality genre, about loneliness, and about who will remain in the audience as everyone is clamoring to stand on stage. The novel ruthlessly depicts our contemporary times, where the need to be seen leads people into bottomless decay and total humiliation.

«… a raw illustration of reality-TV’s dark side. … Reading this book was like therapy for us internet addicts. I want to throw my phone in the sea and take a long shower.»
FRAMTIDA, six/six stars

«Ida Fjeldbraaten manages to let the reality characters both amuse us and make us wiser. That's an old and great recipe for a good book.»

«The Lives of Others drips of bitter satire. Occasionally, the observations are funny and precise.»

«The novel is too credible to be pure satire and stretched too far to be pure realism. It is elegantly balanced …»

«… a piece of well-written, entertaining gluttony in misery and suffering.»

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Reviews De andres liv

Som terapi for oss internettavhengige 23.05.2024

«... ein rå illustrasjon av reality-TV si skuggeside»

«Å lesa denne boka var som terapi for oss internettavhengige. Eg får lyst å kasta mobilen på sjøen og ta meg ein lang dusj.»

Heidi Brakvam, Framtida

Se og bli sett 08.06.2024

«... et stykke velskrevet, underholdende fråtsing i elendighet og lidelse.»

Even Teistung, Klassekampen

Reality-galskap på speed 23.05.2024

«Satirisk roman om grensesprengende TV-underholdning der kynismen hagler over nysgjerrige kikkere og hemningsløse deltakere.»

«... en svart satire om våre dagers oppdiktede reality-fantasier»

«De andres liv drypper av besk satire. Innimellom er det morsomt og treffende observert.»

Inger Bentzerud, Dagbladet

For å seie det mildt 24.05.2024

«Ida Fjeldbraaten har skrive ei uroande soge om kvar vi er på veg»

«Romanen er for truverdig til å vere rein satire og for langt strekt til å vere rein realisme. Balansen er elegant turnert...»

«Når forfattaren kan opne så ulike avdelingar i verktøykassa si, er det imponerande»

Ingvild Bræin, Dag og Tid

Frisk harselas med reality-sjangeren 16.05.2024

«Ida Fjeldbraaten greier å la realityfigurane både more oss og gjere oss klokare. Det er ei gammal og god oppskrift på ei god bok.»

Marta Norheim, Morgenbladet

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Author Ida Fjeldbraaten

Ida Fjeldbraaten (b. 1984) works as a copywriter in the advertising industry and runs the small press publishing house Teori & Praksis. Her literary debut Wolverine came in 2020 to critical acclaim, and was nominated to the P2 Listener's Prize. Ida Fjeldbraaten received The Bookseller Stipend in 2021.

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