Deterring Dementia (Innbundet)

Keep Your Memory Sharp At Any Age


Andreas Engvig

Norwegian title: Demensbrems
Norwegian subtitle: God hukommelse hele livet
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2020
Pages: 320
Illustrator: Vestre, Linnea
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202629311
Overview Demensbrems

Why is it that some of us have good memories throughout our life whereas others have much poorer memories? In one study 72 per cent of respondents aged 30 to 70 said that fear of memory loss was their greatest source of anxiety about aging. Close to 100,000 Norwegians have age-related dementia and the number is constantly climbing. What if we could influence our biological age and pursue a lifestyle that kept our brain healthy for longer?

Age-related dementia implies loss of memory, judgement and the capacity to take care of ourselves. There is no shortcut or magic pill for avoiding dementia, but diseases and lifestyle-related issues such as obesity, diabetes, social isolation, high blood pressure and hearing loss contribute to the development of dementia. The processes that lead to dementia and memory loss arise several decades before the symptoms emerge, so early prevention is crucial.

But there is a dementia deterrent! This book contains a three-step method with concrete advice to give you a good memory and keep your brain healthy for longer. Take control of your aging process, prepare your brain and prevent dementia within the boundaries set by your own genes. Learn how you can strengthen your neurons, keep the arteries to your brain healthy and ensure the good maintenance of your brain. You’ll be motivated to adopt habits and take steps that reduce the age-related forms of dementia, and you’ll get a slightly better life along the way because you’ll achieve better brain health.

The book sums up all the research about what can affect the development of dementia and how we can maintain a good memory throughout our lives. This is a research-based, practical handbook that will help readers make lifestyle and health choices that will keep their brain healthy for longer.

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