How We Become (Innbundet)

The incredible development of a baby – week by week


Malin Eberhard-Gran og Siri Vangen

Norwegian title: Det gror i mor
Norwegian subtitle: Barnets utrolige utvikling – uke for uke
Author: og
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2022
Pages: 144
Illustrator: Severinsen, Line
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202761776
Kategori: Self Help
Overview Det gror i mor

What was your life like before you were born?

How We Become is a timely, impactful, and accessible answer to the ultimate question: “How did I become me and where do I come from?” Two of Norway’s leading pregnancy and maternity experts take you on the gripping and surprising journey of how we start life. Week by remarkable week.

What does everyday life look like, living in a womb? Can we remember anything from our time there? When do we start to hear sounds? Do we form a relationship to others before we’re born? How do we experience our own birth?

Take a sneak peak into the womb and follow how we develop from one tiny cell into a unique, screaming baby made up of thousands of billions of cells. Lively illustrations and digestible chapters create a delightful pace to this mind-expanding journey. How We Become combines research and illuminating history, with a refreshing voice that captivates you.

'At a time when pregnant women are inundated with information of varying quality, it is invaluable to have this book. Easy to understand and insightful about the most important thing in life - pregnancy.'

Kari Løvendahl Mogstad. Medical Doctor, specialist in general medicine and author.

'As a reader, one is left humbled and in awe of the fine-tuned mechanisms behind the development of each of us.'

Guttorm Haugen. Professor and head of the fetal medicine section, Oslo University Hospital.

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Reviews Det gror i mor

Lærerik og viktig

«En lærerik og viktig bok om livets største underverk!»

Oda Weider-Krog, Programleder for podkasten «Familieliv», pedagog og forfatter


«En spennende reise i livets største under. Anbefales!»

Liv Ellingsen, Overlege ved Fødeavdelingen på Rikshospitalet og programleder for podkasten «Kvinnehelsepodden»

Lettfattelig og innsiktsfullt om det viktigste i livet

«I en tid da gravide oversvømmes med informasjon av ulik kvalitet, er det uvurderlig med en bok som dette. Lettfattelig og innsiktsfullt om det viktigste i livet – svangerskapet.»

Kari Løvendahl Mogstad, Lege, spesialist i allmennmedisin og forfatter

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