This Sweet Life (Innbundet)


Siri Østli

Norwegian title: Det søte liv
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2011
Pages: 432
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202347772
Overview Det søte liv

Mari, Charlotte and Irmela are growing up in a small place called Barkestad. They are best friends and share everything – until Charlotte and Irmela have one of these juvenile rows and it ruins their relationship. A few years later, they all meet in Oslo's bohemian Grünerløkka quarter; Mari tries bravely to mediate between the friends, even though she has her own issues to deal with. So have all three of them, in fact.

Mari, who is coping with post-natal depression, finds a note on the kitchen table. It's written by her beloved Peter, who has moved out and left her alone with nearly-new-born Lilja in an old, draughty house with the cellar stocked with fine wines.

Irmela, impulsive as ever, has run away from her church wedding, right in the middle of the ceremony. And now she worries about whether she's married or not.

Charlotte, who is goal-oriented, wants just two things: a permanent job as a journalist and the status of a fashion icon. But first she simply must help Mari to sort out her life and make Irmela realise that somewhere, her husband is waiting for her.

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Reviews Det søte liv

"Siri Østli skriver bedre enn en oversatt Marian Keyes. (...) Siri Østli skriver også underholdende om by og land, østkant og vestkant. Dette er feelgood så det holder."

Ann Kristin Ødegård, Bergensavisen

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"Nå er jo bestselgermekanismene uforutsigbare og av og til lett uforståelige. Men Østli er i hvert fall ikke dårligere enn Ragde. Her sitter alt som et skudd."

Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet

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Author Siri Østli

Siri Østli is married with five daughters and a university degree in French, Russian and Psychology. She debuted with Across Greenland in High Heels in 2009, and has since then received excellent reviews a number of feelgood novels. The Christmas Calendar is her latest book, and it takes her authorship in a more uplit direction. Østli is published in five languages.

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