Emma and Isak – Treasure Hunts and Dirty Tricks (Innbundet)


Helene Nagelhus

Norwegian title: Emma og Isak - Skattejakt og skurkestreker
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2017
Pages: 248
Illustrator: Aas, Jens A. Larsen
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202537586
Kategori: Barnebøker
Age: 7 - 10
Overview Emma og Isak - Skattejakt og skurkestreker

Twins Emma and Isak are nine years old. They have a two-year-old brother, a mom and dad, a grandmother in the house next door, and they live on Eiktun farm. Emma loves to play soccer, and she has two rabbits. Isak wants a dog more than anything else in the world. But Mom is scared of dogs, so there's no farm dog at Eiktun.

Life at Eiktun is full of adventures and everyday pleasures. Emma and Isak never get bored. They help out in Mom's café, they rescue a baby fox, they build a cable car with Uncle Knut and they reveal something quite illegal!

Over the course of a year, we get to follow the twins around in the forest and mountains, on the farm and in the village. We learn just what it's like to live on a farm, be nine years old and have a twin!

Helen Nagelhus debuts with great story-telling abilities, and she's written an incredibly charming and recognizable story.

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Reviews from Emma og Isak - Skattejakt og skurkestreker

Den beste boka eg har lese 22.06.2017

"Boka handlar mykje om menneske og dyr. Det tykte eg var kjekt, fordi besten min bur også på gard, seier Tilde. (...) - Det er den beste boka eg har lese! - Vil du tilrå andre å lesa ho? - Ja. Boka er veldig kjekk, og så har ho litt vanskelege ord i seg. Då kan ein læra nye ord, seier ho."
Hilde Kristiansen Mestad, 7 år, Avisa Hordaland

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Author Helene Nagelhus

Helene Nagelhus (1986–) was born in Bergen. She lives in Voss with her husband and children, and has worked in both a sports shop and a kindergarten. Emma og Isak – Skattejakt og skurkestreker is her first children's book.

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