You're going to die (Innbundet)

Series: Ulf Sommer og Agnete Ness 1


Gard Sveen

Norwegian title: En dag skal du dø
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2023
Pages: 368
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: En dag skal du dø
Series: Ulf Sommer og Agnete Ness
Serienummer: 1
ISBN/EAN: 9788202805401
Kategori: Mystery and Crime
Overview En dag skal du dø

You're Going to Die is the first book in a new crime series about the detective duo Ulf Sommer and Agnete Ness.

Winter 2019: The first weekend of December, Camilla Lund goes on a girl’s trip to Sweden. At least, that’s what she tells her husband. She never comes back home to Setesdal. Her husband’s suspicion that his wife is a completely different person than he believed grows stronger. Camilla didn’t have any old friends, no living parents – seemingly, she had no past at all.

In Oslo the leader of Kripos (NCIS), Agnete Ness, is ordered by the Attorney General to start a secret investigation of Camilla Lund’s disappearance. The Attorney General wants Agnete’s best detective, Ulf Sommer, on the case. With strict orders to not reveal its contents to anyone except Ulf, Agnete is given a folder of secret documents. In the folder is a photograph of a young girl. Twenty years ago, everyone in Norway knew her face. Three neo-Nazis, including a fifteen-year-old girl, were sentenced for the murder of two immigrant boys in Oslo. It was the most shocking murder case the country had ever experienced. To Agnete Ness, it’s personal. The black abyss that she thought was in the past, is suddenly her reality again.

Camilla Lund’s disappearance is the start of Agnete’s biggest nightmare. To Ulf Sommer, it’s a ticking clock: He is the only one who can save Agnete from her own past.

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Reviews En dag skal du dø

"... et av høstens store krimhøydepunkt."

"Gard Sveen skriver som alltid veldig levende, og hjerterått."

Simen Ingemundsen, Randaberg 24

Tre spennende krimbøker 02.12.2023

"Psykologisk thriller på sitt beste."

Hanne Møyland, Andebu Bibliotek, Sandefjords Blad

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Author Gard Sveen

Gard Sveen (b. 1969) made his debut in 2013 with the book The Last Pilgrim. For the debut he won the Riverton Prize, the Glass Key, The Maurits Hansen Best Crime Debut Prize, and the Danish Palle Rosenkranz Prize in 2015. Since then he has written several books. The Bear (2018), the fourth book in the series about police officer Tommy Bergmann, was also nominated for the Riverton Prize.

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