Because You Are (Innbundet)


Odveig Klyve

Norwegian title: Fordi du er
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2023
Pages: 96
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Nynorsk
ISBN/EAN: 9788202789602
Overview Fordi du er

Because You Are is about travel, exile, war, pandemics, a hug, a childhood, and steep mountains in Western Norway, where sheep can fall down; where father can fall down.

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Odveig Klyve published her poem “Does Your Hand Shake, Vladimir?” on Facebook. The poem went viral and was shared and quickly translated into 100 languages. This poem is the central piece in Because You Are.

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Reviews Fordi du er

Odveig Klyve har skrive ei rikhaldig og tematisk stram diktbok.

"Eit knippe tematiske trådar blir kasta fram i dikta: Krig, eksil, pandemi og migrasjon. Desse motiva, som må seiast å vere samtidsrelevante, kryssar og blir veva i kvarandre. Dei er på ei forvandlande reise gjennom dikta. (...) Den kroppslege nærleiken, det inderlege – kjærteiknet – har ein eigen plass i Klyve si dikting. Så også i denne diktboka, som ein klangbotn for heile boka."

Sindre Ekrheim, Stavanger Aftenblad

"Hun får oss til å gruble over det evige: Hva er det å være? Og minner oss om dette viktige: Det er mirakelet som Reddar verda frå ruin, At vi kan skapa Det uventa."

Marianne Lystrup, Vårt Land

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Author Odveig Klyve

Odveig Klyve (1954–) is a Norwegian writer and film director. She has published seven poetry collections, and eight children’s books. She has also translated the work of an Iranian poet, a Palestinian poet, and an English poet into Norwegian. She has performed her poetry at many international poetry festivals, and her poems are translated into several languages. She has written and directed short films, which have been invited to international film festivals in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, USA and India. She is now receiving a three-year National Grant for Artists. She lives in Stavanger at the west coast of Norway, by the North Sea.

From reviews of Det andre blikket (Second Sight):

“Second Sight is good poetry that is also useful. It will appeal to everyone interested in living and aging.”
–Haugesunds Avis

“… get it, read it, listen to the insight, warmth and selfless love song from a daughter to and about a mother.”
–Sunnmørsposten (the critics give it 6 out of 6)

“The poet invites us into a magical world, in which those with dementia live. … One would have to be tough as nails not to be touched by this book.”

“…a daring, poetic stance that shows how Alzheimer’s can open a space for peace and reconciliation. … Klyve works carefully through the subject matter.”

“This collection of poems is recommended reading for healthcare professionals who come in contact with individuals and families facing these challenges, also for those who haven’t been directly affected, but who are willing to use their second sight.”
–Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association

“A beautiful book: gripping and touching because Klyve dares to enter the spaces we normally close to everyone but ourselves.”
–Dag og Tid

“Klyve’s poetic voice speaks with a natural authority…”
–Stavanger Aftenblad

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