Parenting Power (Innbundet)

Metoden som styrker relasjonen til barnet ditt


Marco Elsafadi

Norwegian title: Foreldrekraft
Norwegian subtitle: Metoden som styrker relasjonen til barnet ditt
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2023
Pages: 256
Illustrator: Severinsen, Line
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202758806
Kategori: Self Help
Overview Foreldrekraft

As a parent you can help your child develop a strong and positive mindset. You can offer help to handle difficult emotions. You can parttake the good times and support the child’s curiosity as it explores the world. But how do you lay the groundwork for this good communication, and how can you strengthen it? In Parenting Power, youth worker Marco Elsafadi offers you the tools you need to get closer to your child. He shares his very best techniques on how to meet and understand your child in the best possible way – as well as how you can recognize the pitfalls when they first appear.

It really all comes down to investing the time and effort – what you put into your relationship with your child while they are still living at home. Which questions should you ask, and which conversations should you have? The fights between parent and child can seem unnecessarily large if you don’t understand each other when situations arise. When you take their feelings seriously, your child will learn that they can come to you and share news, get support and comfort. Their safe haven. If the child feels loved, prioritized, and acknowledged, the desire to explore will come naturally and the chances that they will become a confident and independent young adult is high – which again will create strong and healthy relationships with other children and adults.

Marco Elsafadis’ reflective, whimsical, and warm style of narration will both engage and touch anyone who reads this book. His goal is to help you become a calmer, more confident and harmonic parent, whose appropriate and constructive reactions become a natural part of your reflexes. By following his methods, you will be able to better connect with your child – right now, but also later in life.

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Author Marco Elsafadi

Marco Elsafadi (born 1976) is a Palestinian refugee who arrived in Norway with his family in 1987. He was a professional-level basketball player and represented the Norwegian national team for 12 years. In 1993 Marco began his involvement with children and young adults, and in 2002 he established the organization New Page, which up until 2011 worked with youths in difficult situations: drug problems, skipping school, leisure problems and violence. Through the course of three years the organization grew to 60 employees and became an important pillar for the children’s protective services in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. Today he's the leader of UNIFY, a foundation which works preventatively and is forward-looking by offering to follow up youth groups through weekly activities and environmental therapeutic meetings.

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