Fvonk (Innbundet)


Erlend Loe

Norwegian title: Fvonk
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2011
Pages: 176
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202365387
Overview Fvonk

Just as Fvonk is contemplating life in general, a large, shiny, very clean car of a German make glides up the drive and stops without cutting the engine. It is black, has darkened windows and looks official. Fvonk resents all interference by the authorities and this one in particular. A few seconds later, the rear door on the right opens and a woman in her fifties climbs out. Irritatingly, the door makes a hollow, thumping noise – boom, boom, boom – a signal alerting everyone to the fact that it is open. The woman slams the door and checks her surroundings, making sure that she isn't observed by anyone except Fvonk. But there are just the two of them present – this woman and Fvonk. At the time when the Norway Hiking & Exercise Association was going through a rough patch, Fvonk was an employee. He can testify to the financial mess. Fvonk is deeply uninterested in culture. Then a lodger moves into his place, but not a Nobody. On the contrary, quite a Somebody. As it happens, his name is Jens and, as it happens, he is the Prime Minister.

‘With a bubbling joy of telling a story Erlend Loe creates a room where the country’s most powerful man can finally be himself. … Fvonk is first and foremost a highly entertaining book about a friendship out of the ordinary.’
Vårt Land

‘Loe creates several entertaining situations with this cartoonish universe. Both on and between the lines a clear critique of The Norwegian Social Democracy’s ways of understanding and behavior can be found.’

‘Like most of Erlend Loe’s books, this too is a light read, light philosophy, lightly consummated. But it is not necessarily simple as a result. Because if you liked Naiv.Super. or Tatt av kvinnen, you will like this one too.’
Sandefjords Blad

‘It is hard to imagine why Jens Stoltenberg felt offended by Loe’s story, because it is sensitive, sympathetic and wonderfully naïve, in best Loe style. The narrative is a stream of consciousness – often, stretching over entire pages as thoughts, separated only by commas, are reeled off at a headlong pace. It gives the novel and its language an authentic and overflowing tone that suits the two protagonists.’
Jyllands-Posten, DK

‘Laugh and have your heartstrings tugged by Erlend Loe’s new novel about Fvonk … Fvonk is filled with warmth, craziness and tiny, precise detail; it is one of the kind of stories that one swallows whole in a great gulp, despite its mad, unbelievable plot.’
Weekendavisen, DK

‘A true Loe book.’
Elle, DK

‘Yet another funny novel by Loe about the role-playing we do in our daily lives and about the need to be oneself that goes along with it, despite everything – also, one hopes, true of the powerful in the land.’
Politiken, DK

‘Erlend Loe has got a grip on both the Prime Minister and ordinary people in his ironically affectionate novel full of social criticism. Behind the power there is always a human being. Behind every book there is an author. Erlend Loe is one of those able to see through all the trappings in a way that elicits both smiles and tears, but never a malicious laugh. Which is very well done.’
Fyens Stiftstidende, DK

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Med boblende fortellerglede dikter Erlend Loe fram et rom der landets mektigste mann endelig kan få være seg selv.
Kjersti Juul, Vårt Land

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Reviews Fvonk

"Med boblende fortellerglede dikter Erlend Loe fram et rom der landets mektigste mann endelig kan få være seg selv. (...) Fvonk er først ogfremst en ytterst underholdende bok om et vennskap utenomdet vanlige."

Kjersti Juul, Vårt Land

"Loe skaper flere underholdende situasjoner med dette tegneserielignende universet. Både på og mellom linjene finner vi tydelig kritikk av Det Norske Sosialdemokratiets forståelses- og væreformer."

Arne Hugo Stølan, VG


"Fvonks paranoia og Jens’ syting er noe av det som gjør dem morsomme som karakterer – og de er geniunt morsomme.(...) Fvonk er lett å like."

Carl Joakim Gagnon, Morgenbladet

En herlig historie om vennskap

"I likhet med de fleste av Erlend Loes bøker, er også denne lettlest, lettfilosofisk og lettspist. Men den er ikke nødvendigvis enkel av den grunn.For likte du Naiv. Super eller Tatt av Kvinnen, vil du også like denne."

Anders Mehlum Hasle, Sandefjords Blad

"Det er ganske finurlig. Språket flyter lett, Loe er til tider veldig morsom."

Elise Weseth, Oppland Arbeiderblad

"(...) i den slentrende, elegante, nesten pludrende stilen som Loe hargjort til sitt varemerke."

Ivar Olstad, Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen

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Author Erlend Loe

Erlend Loe is one of the most beloved and popular authors in Norway. He was born in 1969 in Trondheim, Norway, and studied folklore, film studies and literature at university. He made his debut with the novel Frankly, my dear (Tatt av kvinnen) in 1993, for which he received raving reviews. In 1996 came Naiv. Super, his big break through in Norway and internationally. It has been called the novel of his generation. His novel Doppler, which came out in 2004, has been critically acclaimed for it's depiction of the modern man, and The Guardian named it 'Book of the Year'. He is a productive author, and writes books both for adults and children. His books about Kurt have been a huge success, and have also been turned into an animated film. The books have been published in thirty-nine countries so far.

He lives in Oslo and enjoys biking.


  • 1996 Ministry of Cultural Affairs Prize for Den store røde hunden (The Big Red Dog), children's picture book, Illustrated by Kim Hiorthøy.
  • 1997 The Cappelen Award
  • 1998 The Critics Prize for Kurt Quo Vadis?, illustrated children’s novel, children’s book.
  • 1999 The Bookseller Award for L (L).
  • 2006 The French Prix Européen des Jeunes Lecteurs for Naiv.Super. (Naïve.Super.).
  • 2006 The French Tam-tam Prize for Fisken (The Fish), children’s book.
  • 2010 De Grote Jongerenliteratuur Prijs (the Netherlands) for Muleum (Muleum)
  • 2013 The Aschehoug Award
  • 2016 the Liv Ullman Prize
  • 2022 BolognaRagazzi Award - COMICS Early Reader - for Hvem rumpet brunosten? (Who buttocked the brown cheese?)

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