Mat fra Tyrkia og Midtøsten


Vidar Bergum

Norwegian title: Hummus og granateple
Norwegian subtitle: Mat fra Tyrkia og Midtøsten
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2018
Pages: 256
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202565022
Kategori: Mat og drikke
Overview Hummus og granateple
Hummus and Pomegranate is an inspiring and unpretentious introduction to one of the world's most traditional and renowned cuisines. Here you will be introduced to the best food from Turkey and the Middle East. Dishes and flavors that have been developed and perfected from generation to generation throughout numerous dynasties and empires. Most of the dishes included are based on traditional recipes - which is one reason why the dishes and flavors have survived for so long. And not only will you find the recipes, but also an insight into long-standing food traditions. You won't necessarily find the tastiest Turkish or Middle Eastern food at a restaurant - you'll find that in people's homes. Most of the recipes in the book are therefore classic homemade everyday dishes, prepared just as they are in the many kitchens all over Turkey and the Middle East. Vidar Bergum lives in Istanbul and in 2016 was named Best Niche-Blogger. The jury's reason for awarding a prize to A Kitchen in Istanbul was: "Vidar Bergum's blog slightly takes your breath away. It's exotic, looks good and is also a little different. He invites us into a kitchen quite unfamiliar to us, with a naturalness and generosity that means you just want to drop what you're doing, and begin making Turkish food and trying out new spices. He writes well about his inspiration and always provides good references and tips on how to recreate what he makes at home. A fun and wonderful blog." Vidar continues with all of this in his new book. In his team is photographer Bahar Kitapci, one of Turkey's leading food-stylists and photographers.

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