Tasty Everyday Food (Innbundet)

som virkelig smaker


The Flying Culinary Circus

Norwegian title: Hverdagsmat
Norwegian subtitle: som virkelig smaker
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2014
Pages: 192
Illustrator: Berg, Jon Arne
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202452438
Kategori: Cook Books
Overview Hverdagsmat

Your everyday cooking could take half the time and be twice as tasty. You could also extend your repertoire so that you never get bored, but really look forward to coming home to prepare and enjoy your meal – the high point of the day.

The Flying Culinary Circus is a group of cooks who know all about time pressures. In the course of their journeys through over 47 different countries they have learned the tricks of preparing delicious food quickly and easily. In this book they share with you their tasty recipes for everyday food and their tips on how to save time preparing it.

The recipes are organised according to how long the dishes take to prepare (fast, faster, fastest). Illustrations with a ‘time thermometer' help to make cooking quick and easy by showing you when to start preparing ingredients and when things will be ready. The way the book is organised also makes it easy to find recipes based on your choice of raw ingredients. The explanations and illustrations are clear and easy to follow.

Tasty and healthy food prepared quickly from basic ingredients – learn the master chefs' time-saving tricks of the trade.

Score 6/6!
‘This cookery book can be a lifesaver for busy people who struggle to find time to prepare varied and healthy food every day. The book is arranged by how long the recipes take to prepare (over 30 minutes, 20 – 30 minutes and under 20 minutes). There is practical advice about cooking efficiently and about the best order to do things in the kitchen. There are tempting pictures of the dishes and the stages are clearly explained by a special “time thermometer.” Useful and inspiring!’


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Nyttig og inspirerende
Nanna Johannessen, VG
Reviews Hverdagsmat

Innbydende og pedagogisk

"Denne boka kan være en livredder for folk i tidsklemma som sliter med å få tid til å lage variert og sunn mat i hverdagen.(...)Nyttig og inspirerende!"

Nanna Johannessen, VG

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