I happened to suddenly stop thinking about you (Innbundet)

Series:  304


Fredrik Hagen

Norwegian title: Jeg kom plutselig til å slutte å tenke på deg
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2017
Pages: 96
Publisher: Flamme Forlag
Språk: Bokmål
Serienummer: 304
ISBN/EAN: 9788282881999
Overview Jeg kom plutselig til å slutte å tenke på deg
Life is the space in-between. Everyone knows that. A space between nothing and nothing. And in this room exists everything - and nothing. Meaning: Life in life and death in life, and: Life in death and death in death. We are people, more or less normal, that sometimes, like this time, are allowed to furnish a poetry collection. People that might be sick, maybe even dying soon, definietly one day. People that enjoy each others company for a while, and then don´t enjoy, and then are not together anymore. We venture between everything and nothing. And we carry these momentums all the time. We recognize it in the faces of strangers. In everyday repetition. In horrid episodes. Like a fatal car crash. Like one of the hubs in Fredrik Hagens debut collection. A young woman looses her life . All of a sudden. And the young man, around the same age as the woman, can feel the happening shooting out in all directions - childhood, family, job-, private- and social life. He can feel all tings participation in everything. Meaning nothing.

you too will die
but before that you will be
someone that people think about
and sometimes lie with

I happened to suddenly stop thinking about you (Jeg kom plutselig til å slutte å tenke på deg) is a sore and vulnerable collection that show how hard it can be to take care of one self, not least those sides of us that is depending on others.

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