Myself, I am no longer living (Heftet)

Series:  390


Hovda Kristine

Norwegian title: Jeg lever ikke lenger selv
Binding: Heftet
Year: 2019
Pages: 240
Publisher: Flamme Forlag
Språk: Bokmål
Serienummer: 390
ISBN/EAN: 9788282883436
Overview Jeg lever ikke lenger selv
The pin code for the credit card of fifteen-year-old Kristine is 6220. The numbers represent verse 20 of the second chapter of Galatians in the New Testament of the Bible. "I am crucified with Christ. I no longer live a life alone. Christ lives in me.", the Apostle Paul writes. This is a sentence that Kristine takes literally.
Twenty years later we find journalist and musician Kristine Hovda at the beach of Ogna, the same place where she was baptized as a teenager. She wonders if she can ever use anything of the things she learned about God. Or if she will have to learn how to live on her own.

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