Locotopia in the Classical antiquity (Innbundet)

Philosophers, cyclops and sport idiots

Series: Kokotopia 4


Simon Stranger

Norwegian title: Kokotopia i antikken
Norwegian subtitle: Filosofer, kykloper og sportsidioter
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2021
Pages: 365
Illustrator: Lindholm, Helena
Publisher: Fontini Forlag
Språk: Bokmål
Series: Kokotopia
Serienummer: 4
ISBN/EAN: 9788283730968
Kategori: Children's Books
Age: 8 - 12
Overview Kokotopia i antikken

Welcome to the Classical antiquity.

This book is ONLY about antique furniture: antique watches, chairs, couches etc., so there is no point in reading on.

Just kidding!

Simon and Helena start this story as slaves owned by a nice and reform-friendly slave owner called Reformius. But once more there is a murder (that of Reformius) and once more Simon and Helena get blamed (rude!). They have to run away so they can find a way to clear their own names, and find out why anyone would want Reformius dead. A wild journey ensues, through Plato’s cave, and to Athens just as they are celebrating the end of the Spartan war. It’s total chaos, and the two friends lose each other in the masses. Simon is suddenly on a ship with Odysseus (he says), while Helena has to dress as a soldier to get food and accidentally gets recruited for the war in Asia. How will they get back? Will they find a way to reunite? Can they uncover the conspiracy that killed Reformius? Will Simon win a gold medal, while naked, at the Olympics? (Let’s be honest, that last one seems very unlikely…)

The history of the world continues in this hilarious series. The Greek philosophers have never been funnier. The Olympics has never been wilder. The Democracy has never been crazier. And Socrates has never been more irritating…

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Author Simon Stranger

Helena Lindholm (1976) is an illustrator. She draws everything under the sun, often in a rapid, exaggerated way. She lives in Stockholm with a freckled daughter and a spotted dog. Helena loves diving, paddling and almost the best in the world at whistling.

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