Stitches & Interiors (Innbundet)

Knit and crochet for yourself and your home


Tine Solheim

Norwegian title: Masker & interiør
Norwegian subtitle: Strikk og hekle til deg selv og hjemmet
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2013
Pages: 160
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202408329
Kategori: Crafts and Hobbies
Overview Masker & interiør

This book will inspire you to create a cosier home, with simple knitting at the core. It's time to put your feet up on the sofa, make yourself comfortable among the cushions and blankets and allow your mind to wander as your knitting takes shape before your eyes, whether intended to be something for the home or to wear. There are ideas for pillows, throws, slippers, shawls, loungewear, coats, waistcoats, etc.

The book is divided into three style sections:

Nature: Clean, meditative and white, including lovely throws and cushions, big jumpers and jackets and beautiful comfort wear for indoor and outdoor use.

Graphic noir: Graphic shapes with focus on prints with textile shades. In this section there are also some patterns to be knitted, featuring clean lines on cardigans, jumpers and ponchos.

Abundance: Think along the lines of the Garden of Eden, rich colours, patterns, etc. Angora enters the mix in pops of colour, with some extra focus on knitting here too. Pillows, throws, lovely ponchos, jumpers and jackets are among the treats that make an appearance in this book.

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Author Tine Solheim

Tine Solheim is one of Norway’s most prominent clothing– and costume designer. She studied at École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, and worked as an intern with Yves St. Laurent and Per Spook in Paris. For nearly 30 years, she has designed haute couture, costumes, formalwear, wedding gowns and wardrobes for a number of actors, performers, artists and other media figures. In recent years she has also created knitted designs for Norwegian magazines.

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