Courageous (Innbundet)

Find Your Everyday Courage


Svein Harald Røine

Norwegian title: Modig
Norwegian subtitle: Finn ditt hverdagsmot
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2015
Pages: 288
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202457280
Overview Modig

Imagine that every day of your life is represented by a Post-it sticker. From the cradle to the grave you have perhaps 30,000 Post-it stickers at your disposal. You pull a sticker off every day. It never comes back. Are you satisfied with what was written on the sticker? Or do you long for something different? Can you do anything about it?

This was the question Svein Harald Røine grappled with when he suddenly became unemployed. He realised that the new situation offered a golden opportunity to find out what he wanted to change in his life, both at work and privately. Assisted by a skilled coach, he set out on a journey with many surprising challenges where he had to move out of his comfort zone. This is the process which he describes in the book, with humour, warmth, mixed terror and delight, embarrassment – and pride. He learned how to deal with fear.

Svein Harald Røine wants to help people to be more courageous in their everyday lives, at work, at home, in leisure time, in both big and small matters. With courage we can defy fear, shape changes and attain new goals.

’A delightful, refreshing and insightful book … Recommended!’
Mia Törnblom

’The first self-development book I haven’t managed to put down – like a charming little novel!’
Cecilie Gunnæs Hermansen

’The best book I have read in a long time! Not only is it thought-provoking and full of good advice; it is also agreeably entertaining at the same time.’
Lisbeth Ulsaker

’This book is warmly recommended! I couldn’t lay it down … it will become a favourite!’
Siri Folkvord Abrahamsen

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Reviews Modig
«En herlig forfriskende og innsiktsfull bok (…) Anbefales!»Mia Törnblom
«Første selvutviklingsboken jeg ikke har klart å legge fra meg - som en nydelig liten roman!»Cecilie Gunnæs Hermansen
«Beste boken jeg har lest på lenge! Ikke bare er den tankevekkende og gir deg mange påminnelser; den er hysterisk morsom samtidig.»Lisbeth Ulsaker
«Den anbefales varmt! Jeg klarte ikke å legge den fra meg (…) denne blir en favoritt!»Siri Folkvord Abrahamsen

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