Muleum (Heftet)

Series: Erlend Loes jubileumsserie 


Erlend Loe

Norwegian title: Muleum
Binding: Heftet
Year: 2013
Pages: 176
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Muleum
Series: Erlend Loes jubileumsserie
ISBN/EAN: 9788202426408
Age: 10 - 99
Overview Muleum

We’re crashing.
We love you.
Do what you want to do.

These are the words in a text-message that turns 16-year-old Julie’s life into a catastrophe. Her mum, dad and her older brother, Tom, are killed in a plane crash in Namibia. Julie sits there in the family’s big house in Oslo's West End with Krzysztof, the Polish craftsman, employed to tile the family’s swimming pool.
Julie has been advised by «Psycho Geir with the beard» to write a diary, and reluctantly she has to admit that she has benefited from putting her thoughts down on paper. Through the diary we get insight in her state of mind and her experiences after the tragedy.
After a failed attempt to commit suicide during a theatre premiere at the high school she attends, Julie takes off, criss-crossing the world in a desperate attempt at confronting dangers and finding herself. She is a angry young woman, rebellious and carrying a death wish, fleeing desperately from the conformity of society.
Muleum won the 2010 Grote Jongeren Literatuur Pris, where he was nominated along with amongst others Dave Eggers.
"Potent and playful easy read."
"Muleum is a magnificent little text - painful and sad, but at the same time as funny and verbally sparky as Loe tends to be at his best."
"Entertaining and wise. Erlend Loe shows us that reading about serious topics do not need to be boring."
"Beautiful, dark, funny and sad."
"Erlend Loe is Norway´s version of Nick Hornby, only more crazy and funny (crazy fun!). His method of measuring the temperature of the world has given him a cult status - and it is right to do so!"
AMELIA, Sweden

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Reviews Muleum

"Potent, lekende og svært lettlest."

Gabriel Michael Vosgraff Moro, VG

"Muleum er blitt en praktfull liten tekst - vond og trist, men samtidig så morsom og verbalt kvikk som Loe kan være på sitt beste".

Kåre Bulie, Dagbladet

"Underholdende og klok" "Erlend Loe viser at det ikke trenger å være kjedelig å lese om alvorlige emner."

Linn T. Sunne, Oppland Arbeiderblad

"(...) språk og innhold suverent."

Andres Sundnes Løvlie, Dagsavisen

"Det er fint og svart og morsomt og trist"

Kjersti Vik, Bergens Tidende

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Author Erlend Loe

Erlend Loe is one of the most beloved and popular authors in Norway. He was born in 1969 in Trondheim, Norway, and studied folklore, film studies and literature at university. He made his debut with the novel Frankly, my dear (Tatt av kvinnen) in 1993, for which he received raving reviews. In 1996 came Naiv. Super, his big break through in Norway and internationally. It has been called the novel of his generation. His novel Doppler, which came out in 2004, has been critically acclaimed for it's depiction of the modern man, and The Guardian named it 'Book of the Year'. He is a productive author, and writes books both for adults and children. His books about Kurt have been a huge success, and have also been turned into an animated film. The books have been published in thirty-nine countries so far.

He lives in Oslo and enjoys biking.

  • 1996 Ministry of Cultural Affairs Prize for Den store røde hunden (The Big Red Dog), children's picture book, Illustrated by Kim Hiorthøy.
  • 1997 The Cappelen Award
  • 1998 The Critics Prize for Kurt Quo Vadis?, illustrated children’s novel, children’s book.
  • 1999 The Bookseller Award for L (L).
  • 2006 The French Prix Européen des Jeunes Lecteurs for Naiv.Super. (Naïve.Super.).
  • 2006 The French Tam-tam Prize for Fisken (The Fish), children’s book.
  • 2010 De Grote Jongerenliteratuur Prijs (the Netherlands) for Muleum (Muleum)
  • 2013 The Aschehoug Award
  • 2016 the Liv Ullman Prize
  • 2022 BolognaRagazzi Award - COMICS Early Reader - for Hvem rumpet brunosten? (Who buttocked the brown cheese?)

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