Nomenclature (Innbundet)

Homo sapiens sapiens


Monica Aasprong

Norwegian title: Nomenklatur
Norwegian subtitle: Homo sapiens sapiens
Binding: Innbundet
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202509637
Kategori: Literature and Fiction
Overview Nomenklatur
According to the dictionary Nomenclature means: List of names; the names or technical terms which are used within a particular branch of science, art, subject or occupation; terminology.

Closely related – at least in sound – with political nomenclature or top layers of management and administration. The association is not entirely coincidental and is in many ways the guiding principle of Aasprong's poetry. The whole book consists of names. It is entirely a list of names, and the title can be understood quite literally. The names are all in the public domain, though they will not necessarily all be well known.

To name two, for example: Albert Einstein and Frida Kahlo. Most people will know the first and perhaps rather fewer will know who Kahlo is. The point is to put things together in new and unexpected ways which open up new and very surprising ways of looking at and thinking of things.

Uncompromising, daring and humorous work from a poet with a very particular style.

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Author Monica Aasprong
Monica Aasprong (1969–) grew up in Kristiansund and currently lives in Stockholm. She is an author, but also works as a translator and an interpretative poetry translator. Previously, she was responsible for books pages in Morgenbladet and editor of the Nordenfjeld literary magazine. She made her literary debut in 1997 with the novel Between Alex Gobulev and me (mellom Alex Gobulev og meg), and has since written tree poetry collections.

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