Organisten (Innbundet)


Erlend Loe

Norwegian title: Organisten
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2006
Pages: 464
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202264222
Overview Organisten

Who was Shakespeare really? What happened to his manuscripts? And what has this got to do with Oak Island – the treasure island? Erlend Loe has set out into unfamiliar territory. He has met an ordinary Norwegian organist who claims to have the key to one of the greatest treasures the world has ever seen. This treasure hunt is closely connected to the surroundings around William Shakespeare, and the main lead is found in the legendary First Folio edition of the master’s works. Shakespeare is a door to a hidden universe of secret pacts, elaborate code-breaking and ancient symbols. The resting-place for the same priory treasure which is being searched for in The Da Vinci Code, is probably located.

We meet a down-to-earth Erlend Loe who at the beginning is sceptical to the claims made by the organist, but as the organist carefully outlines his theories, Loe bursts out, "This is staggering! There is absolutely no doubt about it. Discovery Channel – eat your heart out."

If the organist is right, then our understanding of world history must change.

Erlend Loe (1969–) is one of Norway's most popular authors.

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Reviews Organisten

"Å, det er gøyal lesning! Vi snakker guttebok, skjulte koder, hemmelige brorskap, nedgravde skatter!"
Pernille Rygg, Dagbladet

Cappelen Damm

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Author Erlend Loe

Petter Amundsen (1962–) is an organist and a fan of historical puzzles. In 1999 he amazed historians by asserting that he would find a legendary mountainside inscription from the 1700s and making good on his promise. Now he has stirred new interest by claiming that his training as a church musician and his background as a Freemason qualifies him for the task of tracking down Shakespeare's lost manuscripts.

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