On the Run in Sillyland (Innbundet)


Cathrine Myhre Solbjør

Norwegian title: På rømmen i dusteland
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2015
Pages: 144
Illustrator: Kirkeberg, Thomas
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202478094
Age: 6 - 12
Overview På rømmen i dusteland

På rømmen i dusteland is the winner of Cappelen Damm's children's novel competition. From the jury's assessment:"Cathrine Myhre Solbjør's manuscript is teasing, fast-paced and original. The style is loud but thoughtful, catching the intensity of children's experiences. It makes fun of the adult world and demonstrates emphatically that if there are people who do many strange and childish things, they are the grown-ups. Whether it is the main character's mother who blogs about every trivial incident, or her father who does push-ups in the yard and is so stressed-out that he puts the pizza into the dishwasher to warm. Cathrine Myhre Solbjør emerged early in the judging and was unanimously selected as winner. She has written a story which is as fearless and frisky as its main character, Elina. It has a secure place in a Nordic tradition of vigorous and capable girl heroes, while going its own way to describe a new age."

‘I like the main character Elina’s energy and courage. The burlesque elements work brilliantly … this is a good old story told in a rather new way.’

’A fast-moving story about a lively girl … Elina herself is clearly a children’s book heroine. Rather lonely, but energetic and fearless. She has a taste for fast and dangerous adventures and an open mind about unorthodox people. … Thomas Kirkeberg’s illustrations are humorous and as dramatic and exaggerated as the plot itself. The speed and excitement of the text and the pictures will certainly appeal to children, as will the theme of new and old friendships and of clinging onto hope when everything seems gloomy.’

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Reviews På rømmen i dusteland

"Jeg har [...] sans for hovedpersonen Elinas grenseløse mot og handlekraft. Og de burleske elementene fungerer storartet [...] Det er en gammel og god historie på en litt ny måte."

Mette Hofsødegård, Aftenposten

Ellevill flukt fra landet

"Fartsfylt om handlekraftig jente [...] Elina selv er en gjenkjenneligbarnebokheltinne. Litt ensom,men handlekraftig og uredd. Somen Tonje Glimmerdal har hun sansfor halsbrekkende bedrifter og etåpent sinn uortodokse folk. [...] Boka er illustrert av Thomas Kirkeberg.Tegningene er morsomme,og like dramatiske og overdrevnesom plottet. All fart og futt i tekstog tegning vil nok appellere til barna.Tematikken likeså. Det handlerom nye og gamle vennskap, og omå beholde håpet når alt er begredelig."

Maya Troberg Djuve, Dagbladet

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Author Cathrine Myhre Solbjør

Thomas Kirkeberg (1988 - ) studied illustration in USA and now works free-lance in Tønsberg.

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