The Poses (Innbundet)

Series:  528


Heidi Sævareid

Norwegian title: Positurene
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2024
Publisher: Flamme Forlag
Språk: Bokmål
Serienummer: 528
ISBN/EAN: 9788282885546
Kategori: Literature and Fiction
Overview Positurene

Sunniva travels from Norway to the United States to reunite with Michael and Kelly, two friends from her time spent in a yoga community during the 2010s. One decade later, much has changed. Both in society and in their three lives.

A road trip from San Francisco to Portland outlines the story of their shared friendship: a journey backwards in time, to the how and when of their first meeting, to what later happened between them, and the things they either confronted or left unsaid in the past. Their years spent at a yoga school, as students of the charismatic and boundless teacher Jasper, has left them all affected and changed. Yet each of them remembers the experience very differently.

The Poses delves into questions surrounding the trauma and lasting effects of physical and psychological violations. It draws inspiration from recent revelations about well-known yoga gurus and the communities surrounding them, such as Bikram and Ashtanga. Importantly, the novel also explores the group dynamics that arise in spiritual communities with strong, charismatic leaders.

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Author Heidi Sævareid

Heidi Sævareid (b. 1984) is a highly acclaimed and award-winning author, translator and literary critic. She was awarded The Ministry of Culture’s First Book Prize 2013 and three times nominated for Brage Literary Prize for Children and YA. Heidi Sævareid has a degree in Nordic Literature from University of Oslo. She lives in Bristol, England.

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