Strong Tranquility (Innbundet)

Mindfulness as an aid to top achievement


Anders Meland

Norwegian title: Stillhetens råskap
Norwegian subtitle: Mindfulness for å prestere på topp
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2014
Pages: 232
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202452490
Overview Stillhetens råskap

Stillhetens råskap will give you insight into what mindfulness training is and how it can help you to achieve more.

Mindfulness gives you the resilience and strength you need to be able to stand firm in chaotic or unpleasant situations. Mindfulness gives you insight into who you are behind your thoughts and feelings, and so gives you a quiet place where you can feel safe. Mindfulness enables you to base your choices on something more than just impulses, desires, wishes, fear or belief. You use less energy on things you can do nothing about and more energy on the here and now, on quality of life and on getting things done. Mindfulness is attention to the present situation, or as the author says: you are aware of the situation without passing judgement.

This book gives you all you need to start mindfulness training. You also get access to unique sound-files with guided exercises by scanning a QR bar-code. Mindfulness can develop psychological strength and robustness and a capacity for achievement far beyond what other known methods can do.

The author has practical experience and starts from new results of research on mindfulness. He gives examples from top athletes and from the armed forces and shows how we ‘ordinary' people can learn from their experience. Simply and imaginatively written by a young author who researches the results of mindfulness training among high achievers.

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Reviews Stillhetens råskap

" Stillhetens råskap er svært lesbar, selv for dem som ikke har tenkt på å begynne med mindfulnesstrening. Den er godt skrevet, og beskriver en rekke hendelser fra Norge, som bidrar til å gjøre boken gjenkjennelig for leseren. Meland lykkes godt i å formidle betydningen av stillhet og indre ro, og hvordan mindfulnesstrening kan brukes som et verktøy til å oppnå dette, for derved å kunne bli den beste utgaven av seg selv."

Hilde Dahl Hirai, Thyra - Stoffskifteforbundet

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