Spot - A Big Box of Little Books (Pakke)

Series: Tassen 


Eric Hill

Norwegian title: Tassens små bøker
Binding: Pakke
Year: 2015
Pages: 10
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Originaltittel: Spot - A Big Box of Little Books
Translated by: Hansen, Anne
Series: Tassen
ISBN/EAN: 9788202485146
Age: 0 - 3
Overview Tassens små bøker

Passer for barn 0-3 år sammen med en voksen. En eske med ni små Tassen-bøker med enkle ord og fargesterke illustrasjoner. Bli med Tassen og lær ord fra bondegården, stranda eller fødselsdagsfesten. Snu bøkene og sett sammen puslespillet!

Den enkle streken, de sterke fargene og gjentakelsene gjør at barna fester seg til den lille gule valpen med de karakteristiske brune flekkene. Og så er han så søt!

Bøkene om Tassen er blant de mest populære barnebøkene gjennom tidene.

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Author Eric Hill

September 2004Eric Hill Biography

Eric Hill is the creator of Spot, ‘the world’s favourite puppy’, who appeared in his first story in 1980 and quickly became one of the best-loved pre-school characters of all time. Today his adventures remain incredibly popular and are enjoyed the world over.

Eric Hill was born on 7th September, 1927 in London, and educated at Pooles Park Elementary and Tollington Park Central schools until the outbreak of World War II. He started his first job at the age of 15 with a shipping office in the City and then joined an art studio as a messenger where he was encouraged to draw cartoons in his spare time. He particularly enjoyed drawing aircraft, and it was the markings of planes that later came to influence the design of Spot, reflected in the spots on his body and the tip of his tail.

After a spell in the airforce, Eric returned to the studio to work on his cartoons, which soon began to be published in national magazines and newspapers. He started to work in advertising and then moved onto freelancing as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator.

In 1976 Eric’s son Christopher was born; by the time he was two Eric was making up stories about the adventures of a small puppy to read to him at bedtime and Spot was born! The design of the books was inspired by an advertising flyer Eric had devised involving a flap covering an amusing picture. When Eric showed this to Christopher he saw how responsive he was to the idea and incorporated it into his book. Although initially created just as a story to please his son, Where’s Spot? was actually published as a children’s book in 1980 and started a new publishing concept of ‘interactive books for babies’. The innovative lift-the-flap concept, combined with the simple story and quirky, charming illustrations, helped Where’s Spot? become an instant hit with young children and within weeks it was at the top of the UK best-seller list.

The playful puppy soon became a publishing phenomenon and a series of adventures followed, including the introduction of Spot’s friends and family. In 1983 Spot’s Birthday Party was one of a select group of books presented to Queen Elizabeth II by the National Book League (now Book Trust).[1] Due to the success of the Spot series, Eric Hill has been invited to attend official functions related to children’s education in Europe, North America, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

Spot expanded from the original lift-the-flap books to interactive storybooks, songbooks, a CD-ROM (Spot’s Busy Day) and his own television series (The Adventures of Spot). Two half-hour special films have been produced, Spot’s Magical Christmas in 1995 and Spot and his Grandparents go to the Carnival in 1997. Spot animation is broadcast and sold on video and DVD all over the world and has won numerous awards, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award and the prestigious Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.

The year 2000 celebrated Spot’s 20th anniversary, and was marked by a year-long programme of events. One of the highlights was the sell-out UK nationwide tour of the children’s musical play Spot’s Birthday Party, produced by David Wood. Spot’s own website was launched during his anniversary year and by incorporating fun and learning, the site has helped thousands of young children develop their on-line skill. The site was named Best Kids and Youth Website in the Awards in 2001.

Five years later the adventures of Spot continue! The award-winning puppy has gone on to collect further accolades, including awards for children’s literature, the website and audio books. With Spot book sales reaching 50 million worldwide and his stories now translated into 65 languages, 2005 is set to celebrate 25 Years with Spot with a programme of celebratory events and exciting new publishing. Spot’s first fans, who are now having families of their own, will be able to celebrate 25 Years with Spot with their children, confirming his place as a modern classic.

As well as his son Christopher, Eric also has a daughter, Jane, and he now lives with his wife Gillian in California with a varied collection of animals, which provide continual inspiration for the Spot stories. Eric remains involved in the development of all Spot projects at every stage.

[1] In the United States, the American Library Association honoured Eric Hill’s first three Spot books as Notable Children’s Books for 1980 (Where’s Spot?) 1981 (Spot’s First Walk) and 1982 (Spot’s Birthday Party). Where’s Spot? was also included in the Library of Congress Children’s Book of the Year for 1980 and was selected by the New York Library for their Children’s Book List for that year also.

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