Get clean (Innbundet)

The Scandinavian guide to green cleaning


Caroline Heyerdahl

Norwegian title: Vaskehjelpen
Norwegian subtitle: Naturlige og effektive vasketips mot smuss og frekke flekker
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2024
Pages: 240
Illustrator: Brochmann, Bjørn
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202819422
Overview Vaskehjelpen

A neat, tidy, clean home is essential in Scandinavia, where we spend most of the dark, cold winter months inside. Cleaning is often associated with chemical detergents, but you don't have to fill your home with fumes and toxins to keep it spotless. In Get Clean, Caroline Heyerdal shows you the Scandinavian method of natural cleaning - meaning you won’t have to hold your breath while getting the job done.

You’ll learn how to tackle dust, stains, nasty smells and toxins with simple steps. Caroline Heyerdahl knows how to get that t-shirt back to a bright white, and how to get rid of the stink in your laundry machine. You will find recipes for products you can make at home, with ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. She also shows how using weather, such as sunlight or freezing temperatures, can become part of your cleaning routine. The result? A better indoor climate, a better conscience and a better mood.

Get Clean is a fun, inspiring and practical book that teaches you how to clean effectively and environmentally friendly, the Scandi way. With this book, you will gain more time and energy to do what you like best – which probably isn’t cleaning.

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Author Caroline Heyerdahl

Caroline Heyerdahl is owner of Csoaps, a brand of natural, green soaps. She is enthusiasitc about efficient and environmental cleaning, and knows how to get rid of any type of stain.

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