Wimbledon (Innbundet)

Where the Grass is Greenest


Gudmund Skjeldal

Norwegian title: Wimbledon
Norwegian subtitle: Der graset er grønast
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2017
Pages: 288
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Nynorsk
ISBN/EAN: 9788202542177
Overview Wimbledon

”Farmers don't play tennis. But they could, and they could do it well.” With its leadoff in this old statement, Gudmund Skjeldal writes a book about what makes the sport of tennis so captivating.

It is the story of Wimbledon's magical grass, Roger Federer and Serena Williams' elaborate games. It is the drama of the days of Björn Borg and John McEnroe, when Norwegian cities and streets were completely empty when the final was being played. Like other good games such as football and chess, tennis kindles a tension reminiscent of life itself. Tennis is a sport of extreme concentration, whether you're a top player or a content amateur. It is also a solitary sport, and a sport where you depend on another person. Perhaps it is for these reasons that many books and song lyrics are written about tennis. The book Wimbledon is shaped like a waiting period in which these books and experiences are reflected upon, and a colorful reportage trip to Wimbledon itself.

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Reviews Wimbledon

Litterær triumf på Centre Court 23.06.2017

Noen bøker er idrettsprestasjoner. Dette er en slik.

Sven Egil Omdal, Bergens Tidende

Tennis for tenkere 08.04.2017

Dette er sportsskriving av høy klasse

Bjørn Gabrielsen, Dagens Næringsliv

Å tenne på tennis

Du trenger ikke være en av tilbederne for å få glede av denne boken, selv om det hjelper, og det skyldes først og fremst forfatter Gudmund Skjeldals livlige språk, fantasifulle billedbruk og sterke personlige engasjement.

Mari Grydeland, Aftenposten

Mekka for tennisnerdar 07.04.2017

Her vert språket hans like elegant som dei utrulege stoppballane Federer kan få til.

Arild Pedersen, Dag og Tid

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Author Gudmund Skjeldal

Gudmund Skjeldal (1970–) has a degree in History of Ideas and the author of several critically acclaimed books. He was a member of the Norwegian cross-country team in the 1990s and headed the campaign for climate concerns “White Winter” in 2007 and 2008.

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