This week, the winners of the Norwegian Ministy of Culture's literature prizes were announced. We are thrilled to share that Esther van Hulsen won the Illustration Prize for her beautiful work in Nordic Nature.

From the jury's statement:

Nordic Nature is a beautiful, fully illustrated book that is a pleasure to read and experience. In a classic style, Esther van Hulsen's beautiful drawings complement and flesh out the many informative texts of Ole Mathismoen. The illustrations vary from small vignettes to full pages or full spreads, and all of them are drawn in a natural colour palette and impressive details, that reveal Hulsen's love for nature. Both words and pictures show a passion for the content, and the large book format and the well-thought-out layout give the illustrations space to live their own lives while also adding a pulse to the book's educational texts.

Nordic Nature by Ole Mathisoen & Esther van Hulsen (ill.)

The nature of Norway and the Nordic region is unique. Although fewer species live here than in rainforests, tropical coral reefs or the African savannas, many of the animals and plants are among the world’s coolest, fastest, smartest and toughest. They can cope with cold, heat, rain and snow. They can survive on a starvation diet and are great at hiding. Come along on a journey from the highest peaks and the wettest marshes to the deepest oceans and the world beneath the city streets. Get to know all kinds of animals, plants and fungi – both rare and common. Few other countries have as much untouched nature, clean water and fresh air as the Nordic region.

A walk in the forest, on the beach or in the city will never be the same again after reading this book. The world-class illustrations are by artist Esther van Hulsen, and the text is written by award-winning author and journalist, Ole Mathismoen.