Lars Saabye Christensen is nominated to Book of the Year 2016 in Poland for the novel Beatles, over 30 years after he made his big break through with this book in 1984.

Beatles is the tale about four best friends, growing up in the Oslo area of Skillebekk. It has been av great read for generations! Iwona Zimnicka has translated it to the polish language, to the joy of new readers in Poland.

Beatles is the first book in a trilogy, followed by Lead (1990) and The Funeral (2008).

Readers of Dagbladet named the book Best Norwegian Novel of the last 25 years in 2006.

It is such joy to see that the novel is nominated to the award, and we keep our fingers crossed that it will be chosen the winner.

Three other Norwegian novels are also nominated: Maja Lundes The History of Bees, Siri Pettersens The Raven Rings 1: Odin´s Child and Lars Myttings The Flame Birches. All of the nominees for the Polish Book of the Year 2016 are found here.