"To me this book is instantly classic. This is a book it will be referred to in many decades to come, when the food story from our little Nordic corner of the world is to be told."

René Redzepi - Chef at Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The restaurant MAAEMO is the pride of culinary Norway, and this week it was revealed that they keep the three stars they have in the Guide Michelin - A great achievement!

We are very proud to be representing Chef Espen Holmboe Bangs book MAAEMO, where he writes with honesty and engagement about the tastes, the identity, the vision and hard work it takes to bring the exceptional signature tastes to the tables of the restaurant.

The book is filled with stunning pictures from Norway, showing the nature that inspires the food. And of course you get 80 recipes from the restaurant, the guide to make your own Maaemo-inspired food.

Read more about the book, and take a look inside here.