The nominees to the Norwegian Crime Writers Award has been released, and we are happy to say that we represent three out of five nominees!

Karin Fossum, Torkil Damhaug and Chris Tvedt can all be seen as veterans in Norwegian crime writing. This year they have all written excellent crime novels, and it is great to see that they now get this recognition for it.

Karin Fossum is nominated for The Wisperer, a novel truly hailed by the critics. "The Wisperer is a novel that measures up to any literature, crime or otherwise." Dagbladet said, and VG followed up with "The Wisperer contains all of the elements that make Fossum one of Norway’s foremost crime authors: Deep psychological insight and detailed personal portrayals. Language that is dynamic and to-the-point. Creepy, unnerving discomfort and plausible madness in everyday life … The unthinkable lingers and quivers within the text, creating suspense as the story builds towards the shocking reveal." A great read from a great writer!

Chris Tvedt is nominated for He who brings about anothers death, where we once again meet attorney Mikael Brenne.

Throough and professional, Dagbladet said about the book, and Bergens Tidende calls it "another hit!". Rock, sex and the city of Bergen - definietly a winning combination!

Torkil Damhaug always delivers when it comes to psycological thrillers, as he also does with The Fifth Season.

"Torkil Damhaug is a crime writer who is unusually assured in his form; I am unaware of any other writer who can invoke the way in which desperation lies in wait in the most everyday situations in quite the way that he does." VG said about his writing, and Dagbladet calls him "...a fantastic story-teller". All true.

We wish the nominees the best of luck, and hope that one of them will win the prize!


Read more about the prize and the other nominees here (in Norwegian).