We congratulate Taran Bjørnstad and illustrator Christoffer Grav with being nominated to the prestigious Deutcher Jugendliteraturpreis for the picturebook The Crocodile Thief!

Odd is maybe exactly that. The odd kid. Not brave, not popular, not good at sports. But one day he does something he never thought he would dare...

"Bjørnstad has triumphed in the art of writing. This wild story becomes realistic and logical when seen from Odd’s point of view, and therefore even funnier. Development and details are finely-balanced. We cheer for what is hopeless and understand the themes behind the story. Christoffer Grav’s illustrations are stylish and inventive, and the entirety is a wonderful book.’


Rights to the book have been sold to Germany, Denmark and South Korea.

Read more about the book here. 

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