The books about the Billy Goats Gruff are some of the most bestselling children´s books in Norway - and bestsellers in a number of other countries too. Now Bjørn F. Rørvik and Gry Moursund are back with a new book. This time it seems that the Billy Goats Gruff have to go to school...

The Billy Goats Gruff starts school, the three goats receive a letter telling them that they have to go to school - because everyone has to go to school. When they arrive at school they are told to watch out for the principal - He eats first graders! And when they are called to the principal´s office, who do you think they meet behind the desk?

The books about the Billy Goats Gruff have a total print run of over 300.000 books in Norway alone. The Billy Goats at the Water Park is a mega bestseller in Sweden, and is right now getting great reviews and attention in Germany.

The books are unique in the way the author has taken a well-known tale and turned it into hilarious modern and colourful stories - originally illustrated by Gry Moursund. They are perfect for small children for the easy-to-read-out-loud storyline and detailed illustrations, for bigger children because of the absurd humour and whacked out comments - and for grown ups because they are funny to read and have extra content that is just right for entertainment.

Rights for the books have been sold to: Sweden, Denmark, The Faroe Islands, France, China, South Korea and Germany.

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