Päivi Laakso has been awarded the Booksellers Literary Grant for her authorship. We warmly congratulate her!

Päivi M. Laakso (1967–) is from Tornio in Finland but lives and works in Norway. She published her debut in 2001, the novel I love Sun (Jeg elsker sol), and has since written two more novels - the last one was Clearing the Air (Myggfangerne) from 2016.

She is as well as a writer also a reknowned artist, and has had several exhibitions in later years.

The Jury says:

Laaksos books gives us room to cry and laugh, a classical theatre-mask play in the tension between the tender and the grotesque. But her text also differs in the way she writes, with a unique visual energy - probably experienced and gathered from her other art: painting.

The Jury is the literary council of the Norwegian Authors Assosiation.