We are so happy that Roy Jacobsens wonderful books about Ingrid Barrøy reach even further out in the literary world. Three-book deals have now been signed with publishers in Poland, Greece and China!

The two first books about Ingrid Barrøy are huge bestsellers in Norway, loved by the readers. We are happy to say that The Unseen (De usynlige) and White Ocean (Hvitt hav) will be followed by a third book in the series. The Eyes of Rigel (Rigels Øyne) this fall.

Following the shortlisting to the prestigious MAN Booker International Prize, the international interest for the authorship of Roy Jacobsen has been great. Three-book deals has been closed with Polish Wydawnictwo Poznanskie, Greek Hestia Publishing and Chinese Writers Publishing House - making the countries that has published The Unseen a total of 22!!

When we this fall return to Barrøy, the year is 1946 and Ingrid is going on a quest to find the father of her daughter. Her search will take her from the sea to the mountains and woodlands of Norway, across the border to Sweden and back again. We follow her as she makes her way south, meeting people along the way that in different ways have been affected by the Great War.


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