Invited by NORLA, Vigdis Hjorth will be a special guest at the Publisher´s Meeting hosted by the Norwegian Consulate on September 14th. 11 countries has so far secured the rights to the extraordinarily good novel Wills and Testaments - Is the US next? 

Vigdis Hjorth has had fantastic success with her latest novel, Wills and Testaments. The printrun of the book is now at whooping 129.000 copies in Norway alone. The book won the Norwegian Booksellers Award 2016 and The Norwegian Critics Award 2016, and is nominated to The Nordic Councils Literature Prize 2016.

Some of the reviews:

Vigdis Hjorth’s new novel is furious and wise, trembling and stringent.' 

'Hjorth dispenses secrets with Ibsen-like precision, so that the level of suspense is maintained up to the very last of the 343 pages.' 

'Vigdis Hjorth’s new novel, about heritage and the guilt in all words’ meaning, is abhorrent. But good … Wills and Testament is a hopeless book about a desperate yearning for justice. Definitely interesting, extremely well-written, and with well-portioned suspense. But dark, without the humorous oblique glance that tends to be Hjorth’s trademark.' DAGSAVISEN

Now the US is hopefully next for Vigdis Hjorth, starting of with her visit in mid September.

Read more about the book and the author here.