After just one week in the Norwegian market, Niels Christian Geelmuydens Pillment (Pillebefinnende) now has a total printrun of 10.000 books! This is the third bestselling book that Geelmuyden has written about what the things that we eat and drink might contain.

In PillmentNiels Christian Geelmuyden poses awareness-raising and flashy questions about drug use, research results, how common medications work and the pharmaceutical industry's working methods. 

What do our most common medicines actually contain? Blood pressure medications, statins and painkillers? Who approves them, and how do they work? The global pharmaceutical industry's turnover is approaching $13 billion a year. It should therefore be well equipped to work on behalf of people's health. But does it? asks the author. 

Aftenposten, one of Norways leading newspapers, has had major focus on this very important book. In their review we can read this:

The dubious sides of extensive pill-popping
Geelmuydens elegance, subtleties and humour are of good help when reading this book. And still there are few books I have read and reviewed through the last 20 years, that I feel should be read with a greater seriousness.
…The layman Geelmuyden has - on behalf of all us other laymen that might be worried about the scope of publically authorized and partially financed overuse of medicines - done a formidable job in penetrating and illuminating this rather dark landscape.
…It should also be mentioned that we in this book meet the playful writer in a more serious and careful tone of voice. He is careful to balance the information and give room for the contradicting scientific results, letting the reader make up their own mind.

Geelmuyden has written the book in close cooperation with Dr. Charlotte J. Haug, providing good advice on prevention, self-help and safer medicine use. Haug holds a Ph.D. in immunology and infectious diseases and a master's degree in healthcare research from Stanford University.

The book has international focus and would work well in markets outside Norway.

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