"I think a walk in the forest has something in common with reading. Both activities involve taking a step back, giving yourself a moment to breathe, creating a safe space for new experiences, before returning to the everyday rush."

This is said by Foreign Rights Director Ingvild Haugland in the introduction to our brand new Agency Magazine Into the Woods.

With this magazine we wish to give you a wider perspective of Norwegian writers and literature, with excerpts, interviews and texts by and with the authors that we represent in Cappelen Damm Agency. In this first issue, we have chosen to focus on fiction, crime and narrative non-fiction.

In the magazine you will find Lars Saabye Christensens personal essay On Writing, an interview with crime writer Torkild Damhaug, excerpts from books by Selma Lønning Aarø and Vigdis Hjorth and Bernhard L. Mohrs thoughts about why Russians vote for Putin - to name but a few of the topics in the first issue.

You can find Into the Woods digitally here.  If you would like us to send you a copy of the limited edition printed version - e-mail us at anette.garpestad@cappelendamm.no.

Welcome Into the Woods - We hope you enjoy!