The ALMA Award is by far the greatest international award for Children´s book writers and illustrators, and once again the nominees for this years award has been released. We are so very thrilled that a number of the writers and illustrators we represent have been nominated.

There is a total of 235 candidates from 60 countries for the award in Astrin Lindgrens memory. 13 of the nominees are from Norway, and out of them a total of 12 has published books with Cappelen Damm.

The following writers and illustrators from Cappelen Damm are on the nomination list for the ALMA Award:

Anna Fiske - Fantastic Illustrator that is making it big with her Hello!-books and Everyone has a Backside.
Lisa Aisato - Illustrator of several lovely picture books with us, last Soon You´l be Sleeping with her sister Haddy Njie.
Bjørn F. Rørvik - Writer of the mega-bestselling books about the Billy Goats Gruff and Fox & Piglet!
Øyvind Torseter - Truly original and very fascinating, the books about Mule Boy and his friends has already won the Bologna Ragazza Award.
Harald Rosenløw Eeg - renowned for his writing for young readers. With us he has written the books about The Christmas King.
Lene Ask - Cartoonist and illustrator. Last illustrated the lovely book Jenny by Tore Renberg.
Fam Ekman - Renowned illustrator and writer, that has published a number of titles with us. Last book: The Paper Bird.
Rune Belsvik - Loved by generations of readers in Norway, and now a huge bestseller in Russia! The books about the character Featherfart are really something else!
Gro Dahle - Writing for years about topics that few manage to handle, Gro Dahle is really gifted.
Stian Hole - Illustrations that can keep you hypnotized for hours with beautiful detail and life.
Marit Kaldhol - original and artistic writer, last book with us was The Striped Calf.
Svein Nyhus - Great illustrator with a very characteristic style. With us he has illustrated a number of his wife Gro Dahles books

Take a look at all the nominees for the ALMA Award here.