Karin Fossum is well known for her writing of skilful psychological crime. Her protagonist Konrad Sejer has made his way to 36 countries; the 13-book series is favourites of many crime connoisseurs. The members of the Norwegian Riverton Club - all of them crime writers themselves - have put the question about who is the best Norwegian crime writer through time - and they have concluded that Karin Fossum is the best of them all!

The Whisperer is the latest book from Karin Fossums pen, and it received raving reviews when it was published in 2016.

'She has written a tremendously good story about someone who could easily be our neighbour … Hviskeren is not a melancholy example of social realism; it has its doses of humour, and a sense of intrigue suitably mysterious and full of twists that as soon as we think that we know the score, very suddenly we no longer have any idea what to think.' ADRESSEAVISEN

'The Wisperer is a novel that measures up to any literature, crime or otherwise.' 

'The Wisperer contains all of the elements that make Fossum one of Norway’s foremost crime authors: Deep psychological insight and detailed personal portrayals. Language that is dynamic and to-the-point. Creepy, unnerving discomfort and plausible madness in everyday life … The unthinkable lingers and quivers within the text, creating suspense as the story builds towards the shocking reveal.' 

'It is her ability to make average, often wounded human psyches crackle and glow in all the colours of the rainbow that is Fossum’s forte as a writer. She has an exceptional eye for fragility and vulnerability, and the complexity and dark humour of these states of mind.'

'The Wisperer has qualities that distinguish the author at her best: Finely-honed psychological insight in combination with chilling discomfort ... in this respect, Ragna Riegel of Hviskeren is a typical Karin Fossum character. Described and delivered with precision and linguistic consideration, this is a portrayal of a woman that is not easily forgotten.' DAGSAVISEN

'Let’s just say right away: Karin Fossum is simply an amazing author, a writer who steps where others fear to tread, a poet who plunges deep where others skim the surface, a storyteller who is much more concerned about the characters she is creating than about the criminal maze they are mixed up in.'

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