Of all the books sold in Norway in 2017, the second most sold book was a children´ book! It might not be surprising that the most sold author was Jo Nesbø. But right behind him we find the super bestselling The Billy Goats Gruff starts school.

Bjørn F. Rørvik and Gry Moursunds books about the Billy Goats Gruff have been the greatest Norwegian children´s books successes in modern times. With sales of over 300.000 books in Norway alone, it is safe to say that these very special goats are well-known. Book number three in the series, The Billy Goats Gruff starts school, was very well received, and has been at the top of the bestseller list for weeks since the launch in June 2017.

Readers and reviewers have the same love for the books. The idea to take a well known fairy tale and put it in a new setting is as simple as it is brilliant.

So far the books have had an equally great success in Sweden, and they have also been sold to France, Germany, China, South-Korea, Denmark and The Faroe Islands.

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