Karin Fossum continues to have great success abroad. Her publishers in the UK/US and Germany are now publishing the praised crime novel The Whisperer.

The Whisperer received raving reviews when it was published in 2016. Now the book has been sold to the UK/US and Germany, where publishers Harvill Secker and Piper will follow up the rest of the series about detective Konrad Sejer.

About the book:

Ragna Riegel works at Europris and lives alone in her childhood home. Her parents have died and her only son has moved to Berlin, and they have no contact other than occasional Christmas and birthday cards.

Ragna lives within close confines. She likes her job because it is full of routine, she likes to sit on the same seat on the bus every day and she likes to buy the same things at the local shop each day. She must have order in her life. And she does, until one day she finds a letter in her mailbox with her name on the envelope and a clear threat written in block capitals on the sheet inside.

The letter reinforces a nightmare where Ragna Riegel's life is threatened by an unknown enemy and she realises that she must use all means possible to defend herself.

The novel takes the form of Konrad Sejer's interrogation of Ragna Riegel after the worst has happened; after it is too late.



'The Wisperer is a novel that measures up to any literature, crime or otherwise.' 

'The Wisperer contains all of the elements that make Fossum one of Norway’s foremost crime authors: Deep psychological insight and detailed personal portrayals. Language that is dynamic and to-the-point. Creepy, unnerving discomfort and plausible madness in everyday life … The unthinkable lingers and quivers within the text, creating suspense as the story builds towards the shocking reveal.'