Anna Fiske has won the prestigious Brage Prize, in the category for books for Children and Young Readers, for her illustrated novel The River.

Anna Fiske is an author, illustrator and cartoonist with a number of books to her name. Her original and naïve line and creative works has won her several prizes and awards. Many of her books are quite successful abroad too; for example in China, where her Hello!-books have been printed in over 100.000 copies.

The River (Elven) is a hushed and beautiful illustrated novel about the little things that complicates the life of teenager Helena. She feels that she is just rushing along, like the water under the ice of the river she sees every day on her way to school. Helena wishes that she could make her self more noticed. Tell her opinion. Be able to comfort her father. Have the guts to talk to Andreas at school.
One spring day the ice of the river starts to crack, and something dramatic happens.

The main core of the story is an overwhelming experience that Anna Fiske had in her own youth, where she saved a man from drowning, in a river.


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