We offer our warmest congratulations to Ingvar Ambjørnsen for receiving the 2023 Aschehoug Prize.

The jury's statement states that «the winner of this year's award has a unique ability to capture in his work the lonely, the eccentric, the downtrodden and off-kilter souls. In combination with sharp and pointed social criticism and a finely tuned dark sense of humor, many a reader has deeply resonated with Ambjørnsen's books.»

Each year Aschehoug Publishing House awards the prize to an author with a distinguished Norwegian authorship. It was first awarded in 1972, and has since then become one of Norway's most prestigious awards. Previous winners include Gro Dahle, Dag Solstad, Erlend Loe, Vigdis Hjorth and Jon Fosse.


Photo by Marie Sjøvold