Photograph: Per Heimly

The Norwegian sweetheart who captured the heart of a whole nation takes on the world, starting with the US. Sunday she performed live at NBCs prime time hit show “Little Big Shots”. The show is very popular in the US, and is co-produced by famous names such as Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey.

Barefoot and with flowers in her hair, 10 year old Angelina made the show’s host Steve Harvey drop his jaw when performing her acoustic jazz version of the legendary Frank Sinatra classic “Fly Me to The Moon”. On the show, Angelina was featured in a video recorded in her home town Oslo, exclaiming her love for jazz, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington and of course Frank Sinatra. – I really wanted to put little Norway out there for the American viewers to see, Angelina explained to the Norwegian newspaper VG. And even though she is only 10 years old she feels perfectly at ease performing for such a huge crowd. – I am having a great time! Having a big audience equals more love, she says.

Her performance has already gone viral and a lot of people have given her an enthusiastic shout out at Twitter. On her Facebook fan site messages of praise keep rushing in

The show featuring Angelina was not only the most viewed at NBC last week – it was also the winner of all the great networks, according to Variety states that over 12 million TV viewers watched the show presenting young talents from all over the world.

This performance is not the first US TV performance for the 10 year old. September 2014 she was invited to “The View” where she performed her signature version of “Fly Me to The Moon”.

Angelina’s manager Michael Astar who is also her uncle, says there is a lot of buzz going on after her performance. – We are taking measures to make sure Angelina is always in good hands. The most important thing is that she is having fun and enjoying herself. But of course it is exciting for her to be in demand and to be invited from all parts of the world. Nowadays she is attracting a lot of attention from the US in particular, being invited to several TV shows and music festivals.

Cappelen Damm Agency holds the rights to her 2015 book “Between Two Hearts”.