To Mourn (Innbundet)

A book about loss, grief, power and hope


Kristiane M. Hansson

Norwegian title: Å sørge
Norwegian subtitle: En bok om tap, sorg, kraft og håp
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2019
Pages: 272
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202533281
Overview Å sørge
Experiencing grief is a painful but natural part of being human. No grief is the same, but we have a lot in common when we mourn. Kristiane M. Hansson sheds a light on grief through various themes and meets and consults mourners, helpers and experts in the topic. She writes closely and personally about getting through loss and finding hope for the road ahead. This book makes it easier to help yourself and others who are experiencing grief.

The book is divided into different thematic sections, among others: What is grief? Grief and shame; Complicated grief; Grief, anguish and depression; Grieving children; Grief after a suicide; White grief; Your emotions want something from you; Narratives of living with grief living with grieving; Social network; Mutual support from others like you; The professional care givers; Grief-prestige; Digital mourning; Growth and maturity through life’s crises; Meaning, faith and hope; Good advice to the grief-stricken; Good advice to those who want to help after a bereavement.

Kristiane M. Hansson is joined by some of the country’s leading experts on these topics and they generously share their professional knowledge and personal experiences.

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Reviews from Å sørge
«Sorg er så mangt, denne bokas beskrivelser er gode – anbefales!»Tove Gundersen, Psykisk Helse

Å sørge - nært, nøkternt og kjærlig om det såreste 09.03.2019

"Det er en vakker, men fullt realistisk bok.

Kristianes personlige erfaringer setter farge på det faglige språket og gjør at hun mestrer å skrive sant, nærgående og ektefølt om temaer mange synes det er vanskelig å snakke om.

Dette er en bok jeg tror kan hjelpe mange som står i sorgen, enten man har opplevd dødsfall eller hvit sorg. Boken trekker opp linjer mellom det friske og det syke og gir forståelse og kunnskap der man føler seg maktesløs. Jeg tror boka gjør meg til en bedre venn for mennesker i sorg."Helene Larsen,

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Author Kristiane M. Hansson
Kristiane M. Hanssonis a postgraduate medical student at the centre for Medical Ethics at the University of Oslo. Her area of research is the cooperation between next of kin in cases of serious mental illness. Her master’s thesis concerned grief-prestige. She has previously worked as a project coordinator for Norwegian SIDS and Stillbirth Society and as facilitator for a bereaved group at the St Francis Hospice Support. She is also a trained physiotherapist. She communicates her knowledge about psychological health as a scientist, care professional and private person. This is her second book.

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