Hugo’s Brother (Innbundet)


Per Knutsen

Norwegian title: Broren til Hugo
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2016
Pages: 192
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202511302
Overview Broren til Hugo

In Hugo´s Brother (Broren til Hugo) we follow the story of Errki, his slightly older brother Hugo and their parents.

Dad was one of the Norwegians who fought alongside the Nazis on the Eastern Front, and who still adheres to Nazi principles. Mother is an impoverished Finn who fell in love with this big bear of a man. They fight and swear, drink and lie.

We follow the story through Errki's eyes as he grows up in this environment. The novel deals with the young boys' developing amorous attraction towards other young boys, and the difficulties they face growing up homosexual with parents such as these. The novel is set in 1950's Nordland with its yoke of fishing, drinking and poverty. Per Knutsen is a master of writing warmly about painful things. A fine, strong book.

"A remarkable book about the things that may turn growing up into hell. (...) It has been said numerous times before, but I am going to say it anyway: No one can depict sorrow, longing and the pain that lack of love can put upon a person, with such a heartfelt skinlessness that Per Knutsen does."

Winner of Havmannprisen 2017.

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Reviews Broren til Hugo

Strålende bok om alt det som kan gjøre oppveksten til et helvete.

"Det er sagt utallige ganger før, men jeg sier det likevel: Ingen skildrer sorg, savn og den smerte som mangel på kjærlighet kan påføre et menneske, med en slik inderlig hudløshet, som Per Knutsen."

FARTEIN HORGAR, Adressavisen

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Author Per Knutsen

Per Knutsen (1951–) is a writer that publishes books in i wide variety of genres, ranging from books for children and young adults to plays, thrillers and novels. In his writing you find a keen eye for nuances of life. Honesty, love, lie, lust and the ability to be true to oneself are important elements in his authorship.
In 2017 he was awarded Havmanprisen - the award for best northern Norwegian writing, for his novel Hugo´s Brother (Broren til Hugo), a novel he has received great praise for.

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