Echoes of the City - The Shadow Book (Innbundet)

Series: Byens spor 3


Lars Saabye Christensen

Norwegian title: Byens spor - Skyggeboken
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2019
Pages: 544
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
Series: Byens spor
Serienummer: 3
ISBN/EAN: 9788202588762
Overview Byens spor - Skyggeboken

What do we hear when we listen to the sounds of the city? What are the echoes it leaves in us? Who is there on the other side of the phone call?

At the centre of Echoes of the City we find Maj Kristoffersen. Her destiny is intimately interwoven with Oslo and its streets; but not as much as the people she shares the city with. First and foremost her children Jesper and Stine, as well as her fellow women of the Red Cross, the invisible social backbone of Fagerborg borough. The children are grown up and times are changing. Hopes and dreams are challenged by a world no longer on track. The pains of growing are visible in them all as new doors open and the old are closing.

Lars Saabye Christensen has put his ear to the conch of the city and listened to the sound within. With finely tuned sensitivity he listens to every detail. He sees the light casting a shadow one way as the sun is setting over the city that was, and the other way over a city waking up to a new time. Inevitably the question arises: Whom are we who are living in this city, this country and this time - and who will we become?

This is the riveting, grand and thought provoking final of the trilogy Echoes of the City.

Book one: Echoes of the City - Ewald and Maj
Book two: Echoes of the City - Maj
Book three: Echoes of the City - The Shadow Book

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Reviews from Byens spor - Skyggeboken

Hvis dette er hans avskjed, vil den sette varige spor 21.08.2019

«Med Skyggeboken har Lars Saabye Christensen fullført sin trilogi på en måte som sikrer at Byens spor vil bli stående som et hovedverk i den snart 66-årige Oslo-mannens forfatterskap.»
Leif Gjerstad,

Til tider glitrende 21.08.2019

«Det er gripende, i passasjer glitrende. Og du skal ha et lesehjerte av stål for ikke å bli dypt beveget ...»
Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet

Full pakke for fansen 21.08.2019

«Lars Saabye Christensen lager varmende mimrelitteratur, med mange språklige godbiter.»Mari Grydeland, Aftenposten

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Author Lars Saabye Christensen
Lars Saabye Christensen (1953–) has published a number of novels, poetry and short story collections since his literary debut in 1976 with The Story of Gly(Historien om Gly). His breakthrough came with Beatles (1984), one of the greatest literary sales successes in Norway that, over the years, new generations continue to hold close to their hearts. The author received the Nordic Council Literature Prize for The Half Brother (Halvbroren) in 2001.

He has also received the Riverton Prize, the Critics' Prize, the Brage Prize, the Norwegian Booksellers' Prize, the Dobloug Prize and the Norwegian Reader's Prize. The author has been published in 36 countries.

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