The Dead Can See You (Innbundet)


Alexander Løken

Norwegian title: De døde ser deg
Binding: Innbundet
Year: 2017
Pages: 304
Publisher: Cappelen Damm
Språk: Bokmål
ISBN/EAN: 9788202527662
Age: 12 - 16
Overview De døde ser deg

How is it to be young in a society where no secrets are safe and where everyone is monitoring everyone - even the dead?

Sixteen year old Liv Wiik has a dark secret. She is a Necromancer, and can call out the dead.
Everest Brox has made his fortune by stealing the secrets of others. The more he knows, the more powerful he becomes. Now he wants to use Livs abilities to reach new hights.
But LIv is terminally ill. She only has six months left to live. And soon she will learn that there are things worse than dying...

"I will tell you about my first life, as short and sad as it was", Onyro started to say without facing Liv. "And then I will tell you about how I died, and the new life that followed. That is a much more interesting story."

Alexander Løken takes the reader on an intense and original journey a few years into the future, but in an entirely different reality. Where no one can sleep safely and where nothing can be kept secret any longer…

Norwegian Fantasy hit! With a steady hand, Løken keeps the reader captivated, breathing life into almost lost motives within the fantasy genre. In addition, the writer has steered clear of the many times stereotype descriptions based on gender. Liv Wiik is strong, heroic, reflected and not least intelligent. In The Dead Can See You, the situations Liv finds herself in are complex and hard to find the way out of. That makes the story more unpredictable and sustains the nerve in the novel from start to end. The Dead Can See You hits the audience right on. Bravo!

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Reviews De døde ser deg

Udødelig fantasy 20.02.2017

"Norsk fantasy-fulltreffer. [...] Med stødig penn holder Løken leserenfanget, og blåser nytt liv i nesten oppbrukte motiveri fantasy-sjangeren. I tillegg har forfatterenklart å holde seg unna de stereotype beskrivelsenesom ofte baseres på kjønn. Liv Wiik er sterk, heltemodig,reflektert og ikke minst intelligent. [...] I De dødeser deg er situasjonene Liv ender opp i komplekse,og vanskelige å komme seg ut av. Dette gjør historienmer uforutsigbar og opprettholder spenningeni romanen fra start til slutt. [...] De dødeser deg treffer målgruppen midt i blinken. Bravo!"

Kjersti Franziska Ruud-Salomonsen, Vårt Land

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Author Alexander Løken

Alexander Løken (b. 1982), made his literary debut in 2014 with The Troll Skull (Trollskallen), the first book in the trilogy about the character Edvard Frost. The two following books were The Serpent´s egg (Ormeegget) in 2015) and The Wolf Hammer (Ulvehammeren) in 2016. The trilogy is timed at the end of the 19th century and the storylines include a lot of the classic Norwegian storytelling and mythology. The books are suitable for children who enjoy stories filled with action and knowledge.

The Dead can see you (De døde ser deg) published in 2017 is Løkens first book in the Young Adult segment. A both scary and interesting story about a society where your secrets are no longer your own.
Alexander Løken is a productive and creative writer with many more projects coming out in the years to come. He won the very first Bokslukerprisen for his debut, The Troll Skull in 2014.

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